In 2021, after 10 long months of lockdowns and  closures from the pandemic, small businesses in NYC (and around the country, and the world) have been shuttered by no fault of their own. 

In this series, I hope to bring awareness and support by illustrating these businesses that I love in my own neighborhood, the Lower East Side and East Village of Manhattan. These facades are not just empty buildings, they were once filled with life, live music, and joyful audiences.

NYC Storefronts No. 1

Arlene's Grocery

This is Arlene's Grocery, a live music venue on the Lower East Side which used to be a grocery store and was converted into a music venue in the 90's, and has been an institution in the NYC rock scene ever since.


For more information search for: #SaveOurStages #SaveOurStorefronts #SaveNYC

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