Fordham University: Marketing Campaigns

Throughout the past year, I have worked directly with Ruth Feldman, the Creative Director of Fordham University, to modernize and elevate the Fordham brand.

I use fun, yet methodical marketing ideas to create strategies that align with modern design trends and appeal to younger audiences while keeping Fordham's mission in mind. We have seen an increase in admission rates even with the challenge that Covid-19 has brought to the world.

My whimsical style translates well for print, web, and video.

Undergraduate Admission Circular Brochure

I was tasked by the Creative Director to create this circular brochure which is placed at events for prospective Fordham students. It was a real adventure! I created the circular folding die cut and was able to design the panels to showcase all of the important information that the Dean's and Account Managers wanted to illuminate about Fordham University. I had never made anything like this brochure before. It is a real show piece for the staff and ambassador's to carry. Everyone loves it!!

Undergraduate Admission Calendar Mailer

This 18x24 inch calendar was mailed to prospective students who were still undecided as an incentive to help them better understand Fordham's mission and purpose, and to inspire them to move forward and commit to attending the 2020-2021 school year.

The Dean's were very pleased with the response that this calendar campaign delivered.

21-1877-MELT Calendar-2021-2022-Option1.
21-1877-MELT Calendar-2021-2022-Calendar

Web Banner Advertising Sets

The School of Professional and Continuing Studies asked me to redesign their marketing materials for a fresh new look. I included modern design trends which really pushed the limit with what they had thought was possible. In total the ads garnered over 2 million impressions so far and counting!