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Emma Griffiths PR // Website Redesign

Emma made one thing (well, actually two things) very clear upon taking on this project:
She wanted a very minimalist website with only text, "No images!" And that she loved the color

I used Squarespace to design and format her new website so that she could easily take over making
text updates in the future. Her old site was created in 2009 and not at all mobile responsive,
so mobile optimization was very important to her.

Additionally, we disconnected her domain and email from Godaddy, who she was unhappy with, and transferred over to Gsuite. She is very pleased with Gsuite and her new website:  


As you can see, the film image had a dated look, and the addition of bold black text intermixed with gray serif text distracted the eye rather than making it stand out in a bold way. She also mentioned to me that it was very important to her to have an actual contact form so that it was easy for her new potential clients to send her an email rather than copying and pasting text from her website into their email browser, which could essentially lose a client.



My solution was to use her newly updated logo and shades of green to create a clean, artistic-inspired site which emphasized her successes in the film business and did not distract the eye. I created modern-styled buttons, an easy to use contact form, and a simple navigation bar.

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