Elizabeth Houston is a Singer-Songwriter, Piano Composer, Artist and Graphic Designer in New York City.

Elizabeth's classical piano solo album, Dream Sequence, was released in August 2020. It features a collection of cinematic, ethereal piano compositions that take you on a journey of the mind, beyond the here and now, into the land of the afterlife.


Elizabeth and her band, The Vinelings, have released two singles in 2020: T*nd3RD8 - a catchy alternative rock song about the world of modern dating in a disposable culture, and Riptide  - a hauntingly melodic song that bends and flows like the ocean waves about how relationships can spiral into the depths of despair.

She is currently working on her 2nd full-length album entitled, "To Lie the Hull" - a collection of songs about weathering the storm of loss and coming to terms with loneliness.

Her debut album, To Whom it May Concern (2006) was well received by indie and alt-country audiences for it's heartfelt songs about unrequited love, overcoming depression, and the oppression of living in a small town.

Elizabeth's music and art are heavily influenced by her childhood; growing up listening to her grandparent's country-western records amongst the orange trees and cow fields of a small town in Central Florida, and the juxtaposition of independently creating a new life in NYC with nothing but two suitcases and a dream....

Listen to her piano compositions on Spotify and YouTube.

Learn more about her band, The Vinelings.

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